Arulmigu Balasubramanya Swamy Temple - History

          Lord Brahmma during His visit to Kailash ignored Muruga as He was a little boy. Muruga intercepted Brahmma and enquired about His position and qualifications. Generally, one who questions the other would be either old in age or one holding a higher position. Here, it was vice versa. While questioning the Creator, Lord Muruga had both His hands on the hip with a senior look and proved that He was more learned than the Creator.

          Lord Muruga appears in this posture in the temple. Later some poor people (Aandi) were worshipping Him. A devotee on his pilgrimage stayed here and wanted to have a bath and worship the Lord and asked the Aandis for a river or well. They said there is none such nearby. A little boy came there, took the traveler to a place and punched the earth with Vel at a place. A spring came up and the traveler’s joy knew no bounds. Lord Muruga granted darshan to him and stayed as Lord Balasubramanya.

          After the ‘Pattabhishekam’ Lord Rama sent away his pregnant wife Sita because of the people’s abuse. Lava and Kusa were born there. Lord Rama then performed ‘Aswamedha Yaagam’. To perform a Yaagam without the wife is against the rules prescribed for conducting the Yaagam. So, the Yaaga horse sent to different countries was imprisoned and tied up. Since the horse did not return Lord Rama sent Lakshamana to release it. Hence Lord Rama himself went in person and got released the horse. This is the information of the Ramayana period. This historical information can be got in the Thiruppugazh song that two small boys confronted Rama with bow and his retinue in this victorious place. The history of this holy place says that both Lava and Kusa fought with Lord Rama and that place is Siruvapuri alias Chinnampedu. Siruvar+ ambu+etu became Chinnampedu. ‘Pedu’ is the quiver. Kai kotutha kai (Hand that gave hand): Murugamaiyaar, a Muruga-devotee who lived in this sacred place was always in meditation of Lord Murugan. Her husband who doubted her chastity, cut off her hand. But she continued to be in meditation. Lord Muruga appeared before her and graced her. Her hand got attached and she regained her original physical self.

Greatness Of Temple :

          The specialty of this place is the peacock made in emerald stone. The Prime Deity Balasubrahmanya is about 4.5 feet height and appears in standing posture. Opposite him is the sanctum of Saint Arunagirinathar. It is of significance to note that all the god-images except that of Muruga are sculpted in emerald stone. On the right side of Lord Muruga is the sanctum of Annamalaiyaar and Unnamulai Ambal. Between them stand Lord Muruga and his spouse Valli hand in hand and grace us – this is a special feature and a rare sight. The belief is to worship this Bridegroom of Valli on the Poosam star day, one gets married quickly, because it is said that the wedding of Valli and Murugan happened on the Poosam star day. At Tiruttani, the wedding of Valli is performed on the Poosam star day of Maasi month.